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Office of District Supervisor Daisy Morales works with community groups, homeowners associations and even local governments to help educate them in the areas of conservation and  in the best management practices for the preservation of our natural resources.
Farm and Ranch
  • Implement farm, ranch community and forestland conservation practices to protect soil productivity, water quality and quantity and wildlife habitat.

  • Aid land owners in their efforts to secure financial assistance to implement conservation practices.

Surface and Storm Water

Integrate surface and storm water monitoring activities and protection techniques to include nutrient and pestmanagement programs through conservation planning.


Promote public awareness of Natural Resources Conservation through literature distribution and education programs.


Promote Public awareness and assist in the implementation of programs available to control invasive plant species.

  • Assist communities and homeowners in planting trees and other land owners to address impacts of too much or too little water.

  • Reach out to schools and communities to teach the value of protecting our natural resources.

  • Organize waterway cleanups

  • Offer educational programs on water conservation and pollution.

Best Management Practices

Assist in the Promotion and Application of Best Management Practices on Agricultural and Other Sensitive Lands within Orange County, Florida.


Become involved in the application of Special Projects for the Conservation and Preservation of Natural Resources in Orange County.


Farm Bill | USDA NRCS

The 2014 Farm Bill was enacted on February 7, 2014. NRCS offers voluntary Farm Bill conservation programs that benefit both agricultural producers and the environment. Learn more